Model DetailsPancreas - Islet of Langerhans adenoma

Model Name

Pancreas - Islet of Langerhans adenoma



Tumor Inducing Agent(s)

Diet : corn oil

Tumor Synonym

Islet cell adenoma

Strain Synonyms

C3H/HeBFeJ  •  TC3H  •  C3HeB/FeJax  •  HeB  •  C3H/HeBFeJ mtv-  •  MTV-  •  C3Fe  •  C3H Fekete  •  C3He/JFe  •  C3H  •  C3HeB/FeJ-MTV-  •  C3HeB/FeJ MMTV-  •  C3HFe
Organ Affected Sex Frequency Age Of Detection Additional Information Expand all Collapse all Reference
Pancreas - Islet of Langerhans Female


136 weeks
  • Treatment Notes
  • Notes

    Reproductive Status: virgin

    Infection Status: MMTV-

Highman B, J Environ Pathol Toxicol 1980 Nov;4(5-6):81-95