Strain SummaryB6.Cg-Sharpintm1Sun Tg(CMV-cre)1Cgn

Strain Name

B6.Cg-Sharpintm1Sun Tg(CMV-cre)1Cgn

Strain Type(s)

targeted mutation (conditional)  •  transgenic

Strain Synonym(s)

B6.C-Tg(CMV-cre)1Cgn/J X B6(Cg)-Tyrc-2J Sharpintm1Sun/Sun  •  Sharpin/Sharpin Tg/0


Homozygous Sharpin mutant mice also carrying the transgene on a C57BL/6 background with contribution from 129P2/OlaHsd.

Strain Genetics

Sharpintm1Sun / Sharpintm1Sun


1 unique models displayed. A model is a set of tumors that share the same tumor name, organ(s) affected, and treatment type for a specific strain.
Model Name Organ Affected Tumor Inducing Agent(s) Female Male Mixed Pop. Unspecified Additional Information Model Details
Skin normal tissue (control) Skin

not applicable

not applicable

References: Sundberg J, Personal Communication 1997;():

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