Strain SummaryBALB/cJ-Brca1tm1Bhk/+ Trp53tm1Tyj/+

Strain Name

BALB/cJ-Brca1tm1Bhk/+ Trp53tm1Tyj/+

Strain Type(s)

targeted mutation (knockout)

Strain Synonym(s)

BALB_BRCA1het_p53het  •  BALBc_Brca1het_p53het  •  BRCA1+/-, P53+/-  •  Brca1tm1Bhk/+ ; Trp53tm1Tyj/+  •  Brca1+/-;p53+/-  •  Brca1+/?, Trp53+/?


Double heterozygous mice. The genetic background of these mice was predominantly BALB/cJ. It also contained some 129P2/OlaHsd and some 129S2/SvPas and possibly some other strain(s).

Strain Genetics

Trp53tm1Tyj / Trp53+
Brca1tm1Bhk / Brca1+


1 unique models displayed. A model is a set of tumors that share the same tumor name, organ(s) affected, and treatment type for a specific strain.
Model Name Organ Affected Tumor Inducing Agent(s) Female Male Mixed Pop. Unspecified Additional Information Model Details
Mammary gland carcinoma Mammary gland gamma-radiation


References: Herschkowitz JI, Genome Biol 2007;8(5):R76