Model DetailsIntestine tumor

Model Name

Intestine tumor


C57BL/6-Tg(CMV-KRAS*G12V,-EGFP)#Mjar Tg(Cyp1a1-cre)1Dwi

Tumor Inducing Agent(s)

Chemical/Drug : beta-naphthoflavone (betaNF)  •  1,2-dimethylhydrazine-di-HCl (DMH)

Tumor Synonym

intestinal tumor

Strain Synonym

Organ Affected Sex Frequency Age Of Detection Additional Information Expand all Collapse all Reference
Intestine Mixed Population


(26 of 26 mice)
67 weeks
  • Treatment Notes
  • Notes

    Reproductive Status: reproductive status not specified

  • Age of Onset

    27 weeks

Luo F, J Pathol 2011 Feb;223(3):390-9