Model DetailsIntestine - Large Intestine - Colon dysplasia

Model Name

Intestine - Large Intestine - Colon dysplasia


C57BL/6-Tg(CMV-KRAS*G12V,-EGFP)#Mjar Tg(Cyp1a1-cre)1Dwi

Tumor Inducing Agent(s)

Chemical/Drug : beta-naphthoflavone (betaNF)  •  1,2-dimethylhydrazine-di-HCl (DMH)

Tumor Synonym

moderate to severe colon dysplasia

Strain Synonym

Organ Affected Sex Frequency Age Of Detection Additional Information Expand all Collapse all Reference
Intestine - Large Intestine - Colon Mixed Population


67 weeks
  • Treatment Notes
  • Notes

    Reproductive Status: reproductive status not specified

Luo F, J Pathol 2011 Feb;223(3):390-9