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Accession ID: J:55166
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18 matching items displayed.
Strain Name Strain Type Strain Notes
A/JJms inbred  
AKR/Bsp inbred  
BN/Ll inbred  
BTK/Osb inbred  
C3H/HeJms inbred  
CBA/Ll inbred  
DDD inbred Substrain not specified.
DHT/Tbr inbred  
DS/Shi inbred  
DSD inbred Substrain not specified.
FM inbred Substrain not specified.
KK/Jms inbred  
NC/Jms inbred  
RIII/Ll inbred  
RIIIb/Ll inbred Derived from substrain RIII/Ll at F25 in July of 1965.
RR/Jms inbred  
SJL/JPi inbred  
SS/Jms inbred