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Strain Name Strain Type Strain Notes
STOCK Nf1tm1Fcr/Nf1tm1Par Egr2tm2(cre)Pch/+ targeted mutation (conditional) &
targeted mutation (knock-in) &
targeted mutation (knockout)
Mice were homozygous for Nf1tm1Fcr and expressed cre via the Egr2tm2(cre)Pch allele. The genetic background of these mice was a mixture of several unspecified strains.
[not specified]-Nf1tm1Fcr/Nf1tm1Par Tg(GFAP-cre)#Gtm targeted mutation (conditional) &
targeted mutation (knockout) &
Transgenic mice carrying one floxed and one knockout Nf1 mutant allele. The genetic background of these mice was not specified but included contributions from C57BL/6, CBA, 129X/SvJ, 129S1/Sv, 129S6/SvEvTac, and possibly other strains.