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Heterozygous mice. The genetic background of these mice was predominantly BALB/cJ as this cohort was generated from crossing congenic strains. There was also some contribution from 129S4/SvJae and possibly some other strain(s).


15 unique tumor sub-types displayed. A tumor sub-type is a set of tumors that share the same tumor name, organ affected, treatment agent, and metastatic status/localization.
Tumor Name Organ(s) Affected Treatment Type Agents Metastasizes To References Number of Tumor Sub-type Records Frequency Range
Blood lesion Blood None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 3.1
Blood vessel hemangiosarcoma Blood vessel None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 6.25
Bone osteosarcoma Bone None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 19
Leukocyte lymphoma Leukocyte None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 50
Liver hepatoma Liver None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 3.1
Lung adenoma Lung None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 3.1
Mammary gland adenocarcinoma Mammary gland None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 37.5
Mesodermal cell/mesoblast sarcoma Mesodermal cell/mesoblast None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 19.0 - 31.0
Testis - Leydig cell (Interstitial cell) carcinoma Testis - Leydig cell (Interstitial cell) None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 3.1
Urinary bladder carcinoma Urinary bladder None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 3.1
(Unspecified organ) carcinoma (Unspecified organ) None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 37.5 - 50.0
(Unspecified organ) carcinoma - unclassified (Unspecified organ) None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 3.1
(Unspecified organ) sarcoma - anaplastic (Unspecified organ) None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 6.25
(Unspecified organ) squamous cell carcinoma (Unspecified organ) None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 3.1
(Unspecified organ) tumor (Unspecified organ) None (spontaneous) J:241797 1 100