Strain Tumor Overview (Expanded View)



Strain Synonyms

p53-deficient  •  p53 null (-/-)  •  VM (-/-)  •  VM.129(B6)-Trp53tm1Brd  •  VM congenic p53 null (-/-)

Strain Note:

Homozygotes. This mutation had been backcrossed onto VM. The mutant allele was originally generated in "129/Sv" and had been crossed to C57BL/6 prior to the backcrossing.


11 unique tumor sub-types displayed. A tumor sub-type is a set of tumors that share the same tumor name, organ affected, treatment agent, and metastatic status/localization.
Tumor Name Organ(s) Affected Treatment Type Agents Metastasizes To References Number of Tumor Sub-type Records Frequency Range
Blood vessel hemangiosarcoma Blood vessel None (spontaneous) Lymph nodeRetroperitoneum J:51144 3 18
Bone osteosarcoma Bone None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 4.55
CNS - Brain - Astrocyte astrocytoma - anaplastic CNS - Brain - Astrocyte None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 0
CNS - Meninges meningioma CNS - Meninges None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 4.55
Germ cell (sex not specified) teratoma Germ cell (sex not specified) None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 4.55
Intestine - Large Intestine - Colon tumor Intestine - Large Intestine - Colon None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 0
Intestine - Small Intestine tumor Intestine - Small Intestine None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 0
Leukocyte lymphoma - non-Hodgkin Leukocyte None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 77
Mesodermal cell/mesoblast sarcoma Mesodermal cell/mesoblast None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 0
Prostate gland tumor Prostate gland None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 0
(Unspecified organ) tumor - undifferentiated (Unspecified organ) None (spontaneous) J:51144 1 0