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[not specified]-Trp53tm1Brd Xrcc5tm1Gcl

Strain Synonyms

Ku80-null p53-null  •  Ku80-/-p53-/-

Strain Note:

Mice homozygous for targeted mutations of Trp53 and Xrcc5. The genetic background of the animals was not specified but contained some 129S7/SvEvBrd-Hprt+ and some (129X1/SvJ x 129S1/Sv)F1-Kitl+.


1 unique tumor sub-types displayed. A tumor sub-type is a set of tumors that share the same tumor name, organ affected, treatment agent, and metastatic status/localization.
Tumor Name Organ(s) Affected Treatment Type Agents Metastasizes To References Number of Tumor Sub-type Records Frequency Range
Leukocyte - Lymphocyte - Pro-B-lymphocyte lymphoma Leukocyte - Lymphocyte - Pro-B-lymphocyte None (spontaneous) J:72312 1 100