Strain Summary[not specified]-Krastm3Tyj/+

Strain Name

[not specified]-Krastm3Tyj/+

Strain Type(s)

targeted mutation (knock-in)

Strain Synonym(s)

K-RasLA2  •  Ras, --


Heterozygous mice on an unspecified background that contained contributions from at least C57BL/6 and 129S2/SvPas.

Strain Genetics

Krastm3Tyj / Kras+


1 unique models displayed. A model is a set of tumors that share the same tumor name, organ(s) affected, and treatment type for a specific strain.
Model Name Organ Affected Tumor Inducing Agent(s) Female Male Mixed Pop. Unspecified Additional Information Model Details
Intestine - Large Intestine - Colon foci - aberrant crypt (ACF) Intestine - Large Intestine - Colon


References: Murray NR, J Cell Biol 2004 Mar 15;164(6):797-802