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MTB 3.0
HelpHelp and Documentation Strain Tumor Overview
Collapsed View
B6;129-Cdkn2ctm1Yxi Trp53tm1Brd
Strain Synonyms p18-/--p53-/-  •  p18/p53 DN  •  p18/p53 double null
Strain Note: These mice were homozygous for both targeted mutant alleles. The genetic background of these mice was a mixture of C57BL/6 and 129/Sv (substrain(s) not specified but included at least 129S7/SvEvBrd-Hprt1+).
Strain Tumor Overview Expanded View
Tumors 21 unique tumor types displayed.

A tumor group is a set of tumors that share the same tumor name, organ(s) affected, and treatment type.

Tumor Name Organ(s) Affected Treatment Type Number of
Tumor Group Records
Frequency Range
Adrenal gland - Medulla hyperplasia Adrenal gland - Medulla None (spontaneous) 1 15
Adrenal gland - Medulla pheochromocytoma Adrenal gland - Medulla None (spontaneous) 1 7.7
Blood vessel hemangiosarcoma Blood vessel None (spontaneous) 1 6.25
Blood vessel hemangiosarcoma Ovary None (spontaneous) 1 observed
Bone osteosarcoma Bone None (spontaneous) 2 3.1
Connective tissue - Fibroblast fibrosarcoma Connective tissue - Fibroblast None (spontaneous) 1 3.1
Leukocyte lymphoma Leukocyte None (spontaneous) 12 59
Liver hepatocellular carcinoma Liver None (spontaneous) 2 3.1
Mesodermal cell/mesoblast sarcoma Mesodermal cell/mesoblast None (spontaneous) 1 28
Mesodermal cell/mesoblast sarcoma - undifferentiated Mesodermal cell/mesoblast None (spontaneous) 1 12.5
Muscle - Smooth leiomyosarcoma Uterus None (spontaneous) 1 3.1
Pituitary gland adenocarcinoma Pituitary gland None (spontaneous) 1 11
Pituitary gland adenoma Pituitary gland None (spontaneous) 1 0
Pituitary gland hyperplasia Pituitary gland None (spontaneous) 1 0
Stomach squamous cell papilloma Stomach None (spontaneous) 1 6.5
Testis - Leydig cell (Interstitial cell) adenoma Testis - Leydig cell (Interstitial cell) None (spontaneous) 1 6.7
Testis - Leydig cell (Interstitial cell) hyperplasia Testis - Leydig cell (Interstitial cell) None (spontaneous) 1 33
Testis choriocarcinoma Testis None (spontaneous) 1 6.7
Thyroid gland - Medulla - C cell adenoma Thyroid gland - Medulla - C cell None (spontaneous) 1 5.0
Thyroid gland - Medulla - C cell hyperplasia Thyroid gland - Medulla - C cell None (spontaneous) 1 0
(Unspecified organ) tumor (Unspecified organ) None (spontaneous) 1 very high