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Title: Articular Chondromatosis and Chrondroid Metaplasia in Transgenic TAg Mice.
Authors: Verschoyle RD; Edwards R; Nolan B; Greaves P
Journal: Toxicol Pathol
Volume: 32
Issue: 1
Year: 2004
Pages: 22-5
Abstract: The C3(1)/SV40 T antigen transgenic mouse model for which rapid mammary and prostate tumor development has been documented uses the FVB/N mouse as a background strain. In this study, where the background strain used was the C57BL/6J mouse, neither mammary nor prostate tumors developed over periods of up to 40 weeks. However, a disturbance of hyaline cartilage in joints was observed similar to that found in synovial chondromatosis in humans. In addition, cartilage thickening in the external ears and cartilaginous metaplasia of the ascending aorta also occurred. This suggests that rearrangement of the transgene occurred in breeding on the C57BL background, thus modifying its expression. It raises the possibility that the genetic changes induced by the SV40 T antigen transforming sequence are important in cartilage homeostasis.
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J:88112  Mouse Genome Informatics
14713544  National Library of Medicine/PubMed