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MTB 3.0
HelpHelp and Documentation Genetic Markers analyzed in the Tumor Summary  
Gene Symbol Hras
Gene Name Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene
Mouse Chromosome 7
Genetic Change Type Normal

Mutation Location Tumor Name Treatment Type Number of Associated Tumor Frequencies
wild type
Blood vessel hemangiosarcoma None (spontaneous) (5)
Connective tissue - Fibroblast fibrosarcoma Chemical/Drug (1)
Eye - Harderian gland adenocarcinoma None (spontaneous) (2)
Forestomach papilloma Chemical/Drug (2)
Forestomach squamous cell carcinoma Chemical/Drug (1)
Forestomach squamous cell carcinoma - well differentiated Chemical/Drug (1)
Intestine adenoma None (spontaneous) (1)
Intestine - Large Intestine - Colon adenocarcinoma Chemical/Drug (3)
Intestine - Small Intestine - Duodenum polyp None (spontaneous) (1)
Intestine tumor None (spontaneous) (2)
Leukocyte leukemia None (spontaneous) (1)
Leukocyte lymphoma None (spontaneous) (3)
Liver adenoma None (spontaneous) (1)
Liver adenoma Chemical/Drug (4)
Liver adenoma Diet (1)
Liver carcinoma None (spontaneous) (1)
Liver carcinoma Chemical/Drug (4)
Liver carcinoma Diet (1)
Liver tumor Chemical/Drug (8)
Liver tumor Not Specified (1)
Liver tumor Radiation (4)
Liver tumor - eosinophilic Chemical/Drug (1)
Lung adenocarcinoma None (spontaneous) (2)
Mammary gland adenocarcinoma None (spontaneous) (1)
Mammary gland tumor None (spontaneous) (7)
Mammary gland tumor Chemical/Drug (2)
Mammary gland tumor Hormone (2)
Mammary gland tumor - pilar None (spontaneous) (1)
Oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma Chemical/Drug (1)
Prostate gland - Ventral lobe adenocarcinoma None (spontaneous) (2)
Prostate gland - Ventral lobe prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) None (spontaneous) (4)
Salivary gland squamous cell carcinoma None (spontaneous) (1)
Skin - Melanocyte melanoma Chemical/Drug (1)
Skin papilloma None (spontaneous) (1)
Skin papilloma Chemical/Drug (5)
Skin squamous cell carcinoma Chemical/Drug (2)
Skin tumor None (spontaneous) (1)
Stomach - Glandular adenocarcinoma Chemical/Drug (1)
Stomach - Glandular hyperplasia - adenomatous Chemical/Drug (1)
Stomach - Glandular polyp None (spontaneous) (1)
Stomach - Glandular squamous cell carcinoma Chemical/Drug (1)
Thyroid gland - Follicular cell carcinoma - anaplastic None (spontaneous) (1)
Urinary bladder carcinoma Chemical/Drug (3)
(Unspecified organ) squamous cell carcinoma None (spontaneous) (1)
(Unspecified organ) squamous cell papilloma None (spontaneous) (1)
(Unspecified organ) tumor None (spontaneous) (2)
(Unspecified organ) tumor - spindle cell Chemical/Drug (1)