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The Mouse Models of Human Cancer database (MMHCdb) is an expertly curated compendium of in vivo mouse models of human cancer. To ensure maximum data accessibility and compatibility we follow strict adherence to community nomenclature standards, ontologies, and minimal information standards. This work benefits cancer researchers by making it easier to aggregate information from the same or related mouse models. It is fundamental to making mouse models of human cancer and their associated data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). We also facilitate the informed selection and use of mouse models by highlighting the impact that genetic background has on key cancer characteristics, including cancer susceptibility, the spectrum of tumor types and frequencies observed in a model, age of tumor onset/detection, and metastatic potential.

MMHCdb has partnered with the European Bioinformatics Institute to develop PDX Finder, a global catalog of Patient Derived Xenograft models.

Content (Updated July 2020)

MMHCdb: Mouse Models57,692
MMHCdb: Tumor Frequency Records106,500
MMHCdb: References19,242
MMHCdb: Histopathology Images6,594
PDX Finder: PDX models4,031

The MMHCdb team:

Debra M. Krupke, MS, Senior Biocuration Scientist
Dale A. Begley, PhD, Senior Biocuration Scientist
Steven B. Neuhauser, BA, Scientific Software Engineer
John P. Sundberg, DVM, PhD, Professor, co-Investigator
Carol J. Bult, PhD, Professor and Knowlton Family Chair, Principal Investigator


MMHCdb is supported by NCI grant CA089713.

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